Bouquet of Flowers



We receive flowers from all over the UK safely by courier. 
We want to ensure that you know how to pack your flowers safely for travel, so we have created these steps.  
Please remember that until your flowers are in our workshop, we are not responsible for them or the state they arrive in.

Flower Arrangement
  • You will need a box with a lid, kitchen roll, tape and a pen. Please DO NOT spray your flowers with water, if the stems are exposed wrap some damp kitchen roll around them. 

  • Scrunch up some paper towel and make a soft bed to place your flowers upon inside the box. 

  • Please DO NOT add any heavy objects or water container that could crush your flowers. 

  • Carefully layer more scrunched up paper towel above the flowers. 

  • IMPORTANT Add a covering letter with your contact details, stating a list of contents. For example, funeral flowers, wedding bouquet, spare flowers, button holes. 

  • Seal the box using tape. 

  • Label the box with our address and phone number: - The Gift Of Strength, 6 Malta Close, Basingstoke Hampshire RG24 9PD  07803829330 

  • We use DPD Couriers to collect your parcel between 9-5 on the agreed day. (you should receive a confirmation text from them but if you have any concerns, please do call us and we will be happy to help) 

  • On occasion it can be more convenient for you to post them to us using Royal Mail, if you decide to do this then please take them to your local post office before 3pm and send them to us on a fast overnight service.  

  • You are also welcome to bring them yourselves direct to us. If this is convenient for you then please call us to arrange this.